This is so interesting. I’m a GenXer and am increasingly drawn to things like crystals and energy healing (not necessarily Tarot or astrology). I’ve read the think pieces that say the increasing popularity of these things is a symptom of the chaos of our world, how out of control people feel. You use the word “control,” too. But somehow magic has nothing to do with control, for me. To me, it’s about wonder. To me, it’s about acknowledging that we aren’t in control, that we never were, and never will be. Tapping into the energy in and around us isn’t about controlling, for me — it’s about experiencing. Feeling in a world that conditions us not to. Feeling, too, our own power. Reiki, or holding a rock that feels powerful in my hand, helps me listen to and trust more the truest voice deep inside of me. Maybe energy and magic aren’t the same thing. Or maybe it’s not a matter of believing in magic, but trusting it.

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