Writer and mother. On a mission to fill the world with stories that tell the truth about women—and with women who tell their stories.
It’s hard to see myself free of society’s fractured mirror (photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash)

Earlier today, a man on the street thought I was my daughter’s grandmother.

First of all, a quick PSA to dudes on streets everywhere (as well as indoor dudes, and really, all dudes, and you know what, it’s not about gender, I’m addressing everyone, here): Never, ever call someone a…

I was just watching an old interview with the Ted Lasso cast (Brene Brown might think she’s the president of the Ted Lasso fan club, but I’m not so sure…) in which Juno Temple (Keeley) says she’s bad at self-promotion.

This happens at around 3:38 in this video interview, after being asked, “Who’s the person that you turned onto the show that you’re most proud to have turned into a Ted Lasso fan?”

I hope that hearing that even the powerhouse actor behind…

We have an opportunity, as we create a new world order, to rewrite norms around socializing that are more introvert-friendly.

Coziness: this introvert’s dream state. Photo by Haley Powers on Unsplash

The other day I had plans with friends, in-person. We met up for a birthday brunch in the garden of a local restaurant — yes, still outside, even though we’re all vaccinated, because some of us aren’t ready to go maskless in a crowded indoor space just yet. It was…

Dear Amy Poehler,

My eight-year-old daughter, Ali, told me to write you this letter.

I was telling her about a dream I had, where you and I were hanging out.

“That’s ALWAYS your dream, mommy,” she said.

She wasn’t wrong. I frequently dream that we are BFFs; I have for…

First, get a good night’s sleep.

If you’re too anxious to sleep, consider reading one of the 10 zillion articles available on the Internet about how to improve your sleep, and/or how to cure your anxiety.

There. Now that that’s taken care of, you’re ready to make something.

Take stock…

Amanda Hirsch

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