As CEOs and leaders at other levels across a range of industries, I get riled up when I read things like the following:

“If you’re lucky, you enjoy what you do and thrive professionally but we’re not working for fun. We are working in a…

A tale of two dogs and the life they shaped

If you were to open my sock drawer, you would find, in addition to socks, a box that contains the ashes of my late dog, Cosmo. Cosmo spent sixteen years with us before he died in 2015. …

When you don’t get to see very many stories that represent your anger, you get pretty damn protective of the ones that do

If you aren’t familiar with “Kevin Can F**K Himself,” then this article won’t be of interest. I don’t want to waste space explaining what it is or…

We have an opportunity, as we create a new world order, to rewrite norms around socializing that are more introvert-friendly.

Coziness: this introvert’s dream state. Photo by on

The other day I had plans with friends, in-person. We met up for a birthday brunch in the garden of a local restaurant — yes, still outside, even though we’re all vaccinated, because some of us aren’t ready to go maskless in a crowded indoor space just yet. It was…

A McSweeney’s-style list (read: McSweeney’s did not want to publish this, but in the Internet age, #selfpublishing #FTW. Yeehaw!)

Photo by on

Donald Trump’s presidency;

The global COVID-19 pandemic;

The lack of closure in the Sopranos finale;

The time I got fired over Skype by a boss who said that the edits I…

Unlike many reviewers, I loved it, and here’s why

Warning: contains spoilers

I’m reading a lot of negative reviews, and they’re pissing me off. I loved Moxie, and no, it’s not just because , who directed the film. …

Dear Amy Poehler,

My eight-year-old daughter, Ali, told me to write you this letter.

I was telling her about a dream I had, where you and I were hanging out.

“That’s ALWAYS your dream, mommy,” she said.

She wasn’t wrong. I frequently dream that we are BFFs; I have for…

First, get a good night’s sleep.

If you’re too anxious to sleep, consider reading one of the 10 zillion articles available on the Internet about how to improve your sleep, and/or how to cure your anxiety.

There. Now that that’s taken care of, you’re ready to make something.

Take stock…

Like memories in a snow globe

Playing at the park in the before-times

I’ve started to regard memories of my family’s day-to-day life from the before-times as distant and precious objects. To wit: I am holding a glass globe up to the light; in it, I see my daughter, Ali. It’s morning in Brooklyn, where we live…

My daughter and I were in our pjs and watching “Nailed It,” the show that celebrates hilarious baking failures, when my phone rang.

“Oh! It’s daddy,” I said, and was then surprised when his friend Connor’s voice greeted me from the other end of the line.

Photo of my husband, Jordan Hirsch, on a bike ride in New York’s Hudson Valley.
My husband, Jordan, has been biking for years. Here he is on a ride in New York’s Hudson Valley a few years back.

My husband, Jordan, and…

Amanda Hirsch

Writer and mother. On a mission to fill the world with stories that tell the truth about women—and with women who tell their stories.

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